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    Hi there,

    i like the different galleries here a lot. right now i only use the photomania module, but i’m thinking of using mosaic as well.
    since i don’t like my page to be inconsistent, it’s important to me, that they use the same lightbox. i’d love to use the phantom lightbox, but i have no idea where to change this. i had a quick look in the js file but didn’t see anything useful…

    so is there a way i can change photomania and mosaic to use the lightbox from phantom?

    thanks a lot,


    Hi Johdost, I have the same thoughts.
    I really like to mosaic module, except for the lightbox, which is a pain on mobile. the buttons are to small to handle.
    Rattus; it would be really cool to have al the different light-boxes available, in every module, as an option.
    For example: [gm album=4 module=photo-pro lightbox=abc]
    Most of us are not deeply into CSS and just like regular option buttons.


    I’m not sure if this was answered anywhere, I agree with the last two commentors. I do prefer the lightbox in phantom.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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