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    I just installed Gmedia gallery 1.9.13 and it was a very easy setup & beginning.
    The problem being that the videos display some default thumbnail with just a play arrow. It does not display a screenshot of the vid at all. This is not a youtube vid, i uploaded this myself. The vid appears as a red circle with an an arrow and plays fine when clicked.
    I just cannot figure out how to get the thumbnails to display.

    any insight ?

    Kind Regards


    You should set “Custom Cover (media image ID)” for each video in the Gmedia Library.

    First, upload the covers to Gmedia, then go to Gmedia Library -> click Action button to go to the Edit mode -> you can filter items to show only video items -> then for each video item find “Custom Cover (media image ID)” field and click blue button with image icon -> popup with Gmedia images will appear where you could choose cover for current video.


    That kinda worked. I had photos prepared to act as the screenshot and followed your directions, at first i was happy because they now had screenshots attached to them but it looked like i had 2x the videos. It had also added the screenshots a second time, so you’d have to cycle through the 16 screenshots to then get to the videos with the screenshots. I selected all the screenshots & told it to remove from album, nada. Then i figured maybe the screens on the vid were hard assigned, so i deleted all 16 screen and now the vids cover is gone

    From what i can see it’s a good plugin, i just don’t know how to get it to not display the screens 2 times

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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