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    Hello there!

    I’ve just purchased WaveSurfer and trying to figuring out how to publish MP3 albums.

    a) How can I sort items in albums? There is no drag&drop whatsoever (Safari, Chrome nor Firefox)
    b) How can I hide the share button, play counts, comments bullets and “uploaded on” text in the player for everyone?

    Thanks, Marco


    I’ve solved point B by myself.

    Now point C:

    c) “Create & Save Waveform” button doesn’t work. When I push it, I got the waveform in a few seconds, but it’s not saved and I get the same button on refresh.


    a) You should set “Order gmedia” field (on edit album page) to “Custom Order”-> click Update button -> now you could order items with your mouse.

    b) Go to Modules page -> find WaveSurfer module and add new Preset by clicking on green “+”button -> change settings of module to fit your needs -> click “Save as Global Preset” button.

    c) I need access to your WP Dashboard to solve this problem. Perhaps, there is some conflict with other plugin.
    WaveForm should also automatically be saved when music first time played in WaveSurfer module.


    a & b done!

    How can I provide login details to you in private?


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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