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    Hi Mahwash

    This is how i went about it.
    First i installed a plugin called “user submitted post”, you can choose from a variety of settings and form fields.
    Go to the tutorial section a you will need the CSS hooks to be able to style the form as it does not come with an easy styling page.
    Secondly, i am almost sure you have installed contact 7 plugin, if not install it as it is free and is one of the best contact form plugins. There is also a contact 7 style plugin, this you will use for the css styling of your user submitted post form.
    Now once a user uploads images and all the post content, it will be sent for admin moderation under your post section and there you will find the images that have been uploaded.
    Those images that have been uploaded will be in your wp media library, from there you can transfer them to any gmedia album and category.
    The nice thing is that your user can go to your post page and immediatly see there are new images been uploaded.
    To view what it looks like go to my page . Please note that this site of mine is stil under development.

    Shane Paulsen

    in reply to: Linking Album Stripes to option buttons & search bar #9389

    Thanks very much for your help. It is working great.

    One other question i have is the arg querey for the search button, must be able to search a Tag.
    Is there a full tutotial on these arg queries for gmedia on all the diffrent argument querie.

    thanks again for you help

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)