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  1. roberto
    roberto says:

    Hi I have the gmedia gallery plugin for wordpress, pro version, but I don’t understand woh to realize the slide for select the category, o tag. Thank you

    • Rattus
      Rattus says:

      You should create Gallery (with ALbumsView module) and in Build Query popup select as many albums (in order you need to display them), categories and tags as you need.

  2. Claudio
    Claudio says:

    I have the Premium License activated, but I don’t have the AlbumsView module available. Where cold I get it ?


  3. Eric
    Eric says:

    I have hte pro version and the Album View module installed.
    The question: I have like hundreds of albums, if I choose to display them in one Gallery(using Album View module), it would become very ugly. How do i deal with this?


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