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    how can the gallery are decorated with the search function


    I am getting many (up to 13) duplicates of files that I upload into an Album. I seem to be having this problem only when I upload a large number of files. One album with 44 images and one with 189 images uploaded fine. An album with 379 images had 100+ duplicates (e.g. DSC_1234_1.jpg, DSC_1234_2.jpg, etc). An album with 920 images uploaded over 10,000 duplicate images!

    Furthermore, I can’t consistently delete these files from an album from within the GMedia Gallery. I’m having to delete them from the wp-content/grand-media folder (in multiple folders). It take a long time to delete 10,000 files from multiple places! Even if I trash the whole Album from within Gmedia, the files remain in the grand-media folder, which seems like a lot of garbage to leave behind. Not my style – I’m trying to keep my site a bit cleaner than that.

    I upload photo albums just once a year, so I’m not a regular user of this product. I did not have this problem last year. I use Dreamweaver as an FTP client to upload to various named subfolders in the wp-content folder of my site, then I do Add/Import to import a subfolder into an Album.

    Any help with this would be appreciated. This has taken about an hour to do in the past, and I’m at least 5 hours into it already and no further along than when I started. And almost out of ideas…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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