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    Duncan Clarke

    Is there a possibility of allowing the galleries to be put into structure and have a way to browse them? I have a few hundred galleries to put together that I would like people to be able to simply browse, within a structure, not just a flat page that I need to update manually each time I add a gallery.:

    Main Gallery Page
    – 2003
    — Jan 2003 photos
    — Feb 2003 photos
    — Jan 2004 photos
    — Feb 2004 photos




    In flash modules there are only one level categories, so you can only put on page few galleries, like:
    2003 gallery
    – Jan
    – Feb

    2004 gallery
    – Jan
    – Feb


    Alternatively you can create gallery with Phantom Module, where each image will be linked to separate gallery page.


    I tried doing this today. I have several thousand images creating several different Galleries. When I switched to the Phantom module it attempted to load every single image from each album into one huge page. I stopped the script and switched back to another module. What would be the settings to load each Album in Phantom module with only a single image from each Album being displayed.

    The effect I am looking for in Gmedia is like the Widget that existed in Grand Flagallery to display one random image from each Album. When you clicked one of the images you could have a popup with the Cube or Sphere. Is that feature still in Gmedia?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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