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    Obviously i posted my request in the wrong place. Here’s the link:
    I also want to inform al of us who requested for the automatic linking of files that it’s already there!!! It’s in the batch edit mode; check the link field an chose link to file and al marked posts will be linked. Realized that AFTER having manually pasted it for 155 files!!! Really!!!! Dear Rattus do you have som kind of manual or is it learning by doing?
    I would suggest a menu post called Tutorial with links to Youtube and other places to find relevant info. When i started with this plugin i had no idea where to look for relevant info. I believe it would save you for many requests and users – like myself – for making foolish things ;-)
    Anyhow – it’s not likely that I’ll forget this.
    Kind regards


    After the latest update the errorcode line changed to 2757.
    Some kind of reaction would be appreciated since it is possibleto erase the post cousing the problem within the Gmedia system. It can obviously only be done in the SQL-database. If so which libs are affected????


    Sorry, moved to another hosting and emails about new topics and replies stopped coming. Fixed now.

    I’m the only person who develop and support these plugins and all time I spent to improve plugin, to add some features, bugs, fixes, to answer questions on forum. Also I’m not good in writing tutorials or video, but I’ll make one somewhen.

    Can you give me access to your WP admin, so I’ll try to solve your problem?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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