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    Top-notch plugin, however…

    Having a similar problem here with the Optima module, which, otherwise, I’m ready to purchase.

    Let me see if I can add a more visually descriptive account of what I’m getting personally.

    On my desktop (Win 7) using both IE and Chrome, everything looks and functions fine with the settings I used. Likewise on my tablet (Android OS/Galaxy tab 10.1).

    Where I have issues is on my phone (Android OS/Galaxy Note II). What almost (in contrast to the desktop and tablet) looks like a thumbnail version of the first slide is shown, top center….and WITH Views and Like icons. (Icons do NOT show in other renditions that work, I have them turned off.) Oh, BEFORE appearing there (top, center, thumbnail-SIZED) the first slide DOES appear, briefly, left-justified on the page…but it’s only there for about a second, then it’s replaced with the above.

    Also, if one, on a whim, happens to tap this pseudo-thumbnail with Views and Likes icons, it appears that we are trying to go/are going into full screen. Now, I believe I can reference what was said in another post about “black bars” appearing. It’s looks like some kind of masking issue (in most cases, “black box”: would be more accurate, but sometimes it both a box and a thick over-lapping bar appearing, depending on phone orientation. See next sentence.) This mask (?) changes behavior when switching the phone between portrait and landscape orientation. Also, after tapping the “thumbnail” to enter “full screen,” my phone’s browser is appending #PhotoSwipe1417133466737 to the window’s url…almost indicating that AutoPlay is not functioning on my phone, don’t you agree?

    Now, all of the above testing was performed with only ONE image in the Album. I added a second just to see the behavior. It’s similar, but now there are two pseudo-thumbnails with Views and Like icons. I guess I wanted to see if the photos would, indeed, swipe. They do, with the bad mask(s) covering the majority of both of the images. FYI, the mask does NOT change size/shape (“shape” being just a square vs. a square PLUS a thick bar) with the swiping of photos. They still only change with change in phone orientation.

    Oh yeah, one reason I call these “pseudo-thumbnails” is that I do NOT have any thumbnails on my tablet or desktop…by choice. I made set thumbnail height and width to zero to eliminate them. Essentially, the look and functionality I’m going for that of an embedded PowerPoint Show (.pps) — not a .ppt — that plays straight through with no navigation. I refuse to pay Microsoft a butt-load for Office, just to create one slideshow…especially when my GoDaddy account includes Office365. Unfortunately, the Office365 PowerPoint wanna-be doesn’t include a Save-As-Show option…just like Open Office’s Impress. It’s a conspiracy I tell you.

    While I’m on a roll, is there any way I can modify your code to disable swipe altogether? I realized I hadn’t tested my tablet either in portrait orientation or since adding a second image to the album. The orientation seems workable (at least it’s not behaving like the phone) but the swipe ability, I’m trying to avoid altogether. Like I said, I’m going for the same look as an embedded .pps. I’ve accomplished this so far by toggling buttons off and either omitting some text labeling options and descriptions; or, by changing colors to match background colors if a particular element could not be left blank. The only thing I haven’t been able to turn off or hide has been the Album title at the top, which I can use to my advantage my making the Album name a textual Call to Action.

    Additional info, as if you needed more, lol…I’m not utilizing tags or categories. Just the album, as I intend to narrate. If I can pull off the narration with your (unfortunately) FIXED slide transition time, and get this phone dilemma solved, you’ve sold yourself a premium module. I wish I could say “Forget smartphones,” but in today’s market…… Not a good idea.

    There’s always the old Dell I can hook up, with WinXP and PowerPoint2007. I bet that will work if I can get ‘er running better again. Seems a bit much though.

    “Rockin’ Keith Locke”

    P.S. If you visit the domain to investigate, there’s no navigation to this page on the site. It’s going to be a standalone pitch page.
    The direct url for now is


    Oh, and do more options appear under Premium Settings with License purchase? (For instance, variable slide transition times?)


    I found a workaround. You have all the info for your own troubleshooting/developmental purposes though; however, you will not longer find the issue on my page at

    Perhaps you and others will find my posts useful in the future.

    Keep up the great work. The plug-in is sure above and beyond my programming/coding capabilities. :-D

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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