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    Dear CODEASILY Team,

    i’l like to know, if it’s possible show one picture in two or more albums without a second upload.

    Kind regards,



    Nope, one item could be only in one album. Imagine that album is a folder and if you want item be in two folders, then you need to copy it.
    One album could be private and another one public, so if one item have few albums it could not be public and private at the same time… it’s a bit complicated…


    Hi there,

    how do I assign multiple categories / keywords to single pictures and have them sortet to their galleries the right way?
    I can assign multiple categories and I can add the pictures to galleries according to their category. But when I enter the edit mode again, the multiple keywords are gone and I have to reenter them to have the images into multiple galleries again.
    I found a topic in the FAQ that says that a solution would not be easy… following is just a photographers idea about that ;)
    If a picture is set as private, only one category is allowed, otherwise multiple categories are possible.
    If a public picture is in a private gallery, it doesn’t matter, the other way round could a bit worse.

    Best regards,


    It’s a bug with categories. I’ll fix it in the next plugin version.
    Categories are not gone when you enter Edit mode. They are just not displaying. But if you edit any field on the item, then categories that not shows will be gone for edited item.
    Private picture can be in multiple categories too. If public picture is in a private gallery or in a private album that is not mean that picture will be private too, because picture have it’s own status and it can be found with a WP searchform or via tags.
    You can go to edit Album and check “Apply Status for all items in album” and click Update.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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