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    When I went on my site this morning,I noticed a few things. The slide function seems to be working on the mobile version only when a registered user is signed in. But when you go to the page that the gallery is on, it doesn’t show the pictures. The thumbnails are blank and it looks like they are trying to load. But when you tap on a blank image, the picture shows up and you are able to slide through gallery. Now, all the pictures show up when you are not signed in but you can’t use the slide option to look through pictures. Can that be changed?

    I also don’t understand, if a user is signed in and wants to like a picture, how would they like an individual picture? The pic shows the views and a thumbsup. But you can’t tap on anything to choose to like it. And I thought you could make comments on each individual picture?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)