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    The GreenStyle Pro galleries, heavily used on my website, are not working on Android mobile devices. I am not sure if it does with apple devices.
    When attempting to view images in the galleries, the images are blocked by a big black box.
    Really need some assistance on this!!!!


    I’ve tested your site on LG G3 with chrome browser and gallery works fine.
    Also check if the problem occurs on website. If not then problem in plugins/theme conflict (CSS or JS).
    Unfortunately, I can’t check on all Android devices with every browser available for android. It’s impossible.


    The music player for my new site doesn’t seem to be working on my LG G3. It works fine on desktop (PC and Apple) as well as iPads and iPhones. It just won’t play the songs on the LG, I don’t know about other Android devices.


    I tested with the Music Player module, and the problem seems to be browser related.

    It works fine in Chrome on Android phones, but would not play in Firefox at all (on Android) and shows up incorrectly (just a bunch of text with no structure and no controls) in the Android stock browser. In that sense, on the Android platform, it ONLY works in Chrome…

    Please test in the Android stock “internet” browser, and other popular browsers. The incompatibility is horrible!
    You don’t have to test every phone, just a few leading browsers…

    Looking forward for an update that will fix this issue, because otherwise, I absolutely love the module, but until such an update happens, I cannot use it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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