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  • in reply to: loosing a non asci character in a filename #10852

    Hi, I have this disabled (for long time).


    Hi, this didn’t help, but I decreased number of items per page and it has helped.

    in reply to: Now not possible to rearrange images in albums #7961

    Thanks for the advice. I have looked for a setting, but not so far. Maybe it would be better to move the setting “Order gmedia” near to thumbnails — directly above them (next to “Action”).

    in reply to: Bulk image delete #7531

    Oh thanks, 2 kinds of selecting thumbnails are a little confusing.

    in reply to: Problems in 1.8.23 #6882

    Yes, it works.
    I have set in settings Choose default module: Phantom (I use only Phantom and Module setting are for Phantom). That is why I didn’t use Choose module/preset, I thought, that it is preset.

    Then what reason is for setting Choose default module?

    Many thanks.

    in reply to: Problems in 1.8.23 #6880

    I create the album this way:
    Add/Import Files
    Add to Album: type an Album name
    Drag and drop images (from any file explorer) to “Drag files here.”
    Start Upload
    In edit page click Gmedia button
    In popup window choose Collections
    Choose Album
    Insert into post

    Then the resulted gallery is without all presets, which are set in Gallery Module Presets (Thumbnail Width etc.).

    in reply to: Problems in 1.8.23 #6878

    Ah, there is so many setting in Query Args….Thanks.

    But the biggest problem for me is the first paragraph.

    in reply to: How to simplify tiresome album creation #6811

    Thank you for ideas. Some was quite hidden (creating an album during files adding), some I left out.
    May I more specify your instructions?:
    Gmedia Settings, In Category order gmedia (set default order): ASC, Update
    Any setting in your preferred module
    Album creation:

    1. Add/Import Files
    2. Add to Album: type an Album name (don’t select any existing album as then it is not possible to type there)
    3. Drag and drop images (from any file explorer) to “Drag files here.”
    4. Reorder images in inverse order. Unfortunately it is not possible to set preferred order.
    5. You can delete an image by clicking “-“
    6. Start Upload
    7. In edit post or page click Gmedia button (above editor)
    8. In popup window choose Collections
    9. Choose Album
    10. On the right column Choose module/preset
    11. Insert into post
    in reply to: Phantom Module consumes lot of CPU #6614

    Now I tested it on Win7 64 bit – it works correctly. Curious.

    in reply to: Photo gallery hierarchy #5978

    Hi, I vote for this feature too. And albums hierarchy too.
    I have 30 galleries, its impossible to use them when they are not sorted properly.
    Best way is to have the tree structure, as files and folders in PC. Splendid example is WP-Filebase plugin (now it isn’t in ´, but it is possible to download the free version), there is possible to open and close folders, make new folders (only one click) and drag-and-drop files to this folders.
    But for me 2 levels would be sufficient, something like expandable/collapsible folder (of galleries/albums).
    BTW I as many other users (as I read in reviews) I am still confused why there is album + gallery, I can’t understand why they aren’t together, as one function (or better with Add/Import Files together too).

    in reply to: Pop up window Edit Image is not possible to close #5977

    When I click outside, then it dismisses. Sorry, I am used to MS Windows customs, where or each activity is any button. And in MS Windows usually ESC key closes it.

    in reply to: Permanent titles below thumbnails in Phantom gallery #5967

    Thank you. I am patient (I use WP Photo Album Plus, which is very good, but its lightbox doesn’t work on mobiles).
    But I forgot to mention, that this my CSS setting mentioned above was not because of Permanent titles. This solved problem with an thumbnail image size – the thumbnails showed only smaller part (cutout) of the images. This happened only with WeaverII theme.

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